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The main switchboard for Kenneth B. Mayne, of New Trier (78-82), Kent State (82-84), Moody Bible Institute (85-88), Gordon College (89-90).

Hi, my name is Kenny Mayne and I am quietly observing life from my simple home on the Northern Maritime region of Massachusetts.  This page is dedicated to being a hub or a switchboard of my "online presence".  From here you can easily find me in the online communities I belong to, blogs I maintain, and a few other interests that bless my life and the life of my family.

Nope, he doesn't own kennymayne.com, I do.  So there.  In all seriousness, type in my name in Google and you will see he owns everything else.  And for you fans that called me on the phone thinking you found his number, the joke is on you!  ROTFL!

                                       My dog's name was Trevor